Best sewing Machine for Kids

by admin on July 17, 2015

Making Choices When It Comes To Best Sewing Machine For Kids

There are varieties of toy sewing machines, which are available to choose from. The majority of them are based on the popular TV shows for children. Many of them are extremely beautiful, they are available in lots of color options, and these sewing machines are pleasing to the eyes of kids. For kids it is important to have a fun toy, instead of huge, bulky, and ugly machine. Getting Best sewing Machine for kids is perfect choice for beginners.

Best sewing Machine for Kids

These days’ parents will find that all the kids sewing products are sold in the market as toys more than tools. This way child can learn sewing with lots of fun and they have enjoyable experience. To add more fun there are several sewing products, which are, associated with popular TV characters such as hello kitty and Barbie. The machines are kept extremely simple purposely in order to entice little ones and ensure that learning this new ability in their enjoyable life is not difficult.

Sewing MachineWeightDimension# of stitchesAmazon RatingBuy Now

Janome 2206

14 pounds

17 x 9 x 14 inches



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Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia

5 pounds

9 x 5 x 10.5 inches


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Brother LS2125i

13 pounds

15 x 6 x 11.8 inches



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Janome 11706 3/4 Size

12 pounds

17 x 9 x 14 inches



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Janome 15822

17.5 pounds

29 x 12 x 18 inches



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Features of sewing machine for kids

These toy machines are meant for early learners and to make sewing simple there are several features incorporated. Safety is the major priority kept in mind. There are both AC and battery powered devices available and the majority of them are also having drop-in bobbins , finger guards etc. these features keep the little ones away from dangers by keeping their finger away from the needles. Here are few things that you can keep in mind.

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Things to consider

Sewing machines for kids are simple and they also look attractive, but this does not mean that it will also work accurately and will be reliable. You should always go for customer reviews before you invest in one. With reviews, you can learn that the product you are interested in purchasing is having a good record of accomplishment or not.
Many times people mistake kid’s machines with mini machines and get the wrong product, which can also threaten your child’s safety if you are not aware of the fact. Mini machines are very much powerful as compared to kid’s machinery and should not be used by the kids under 12. Making them learn on your machines is also not a good idea because beginners are going to jam thread, put bobbin incorrectly, break needles several times etc. particularly if the machinery you are having is expensive.

Why you need a kid’s sewing machine?

Training a new kid is exciting thing, but simultaneously can create huge problems for you. Getting a new kid machine is always a better idea as compared to make them learn on heavy machines. If you are making them learn on your machine. Then keep this thing in mind that children have very little control, which is bad from safety perspective, and it might spoil the quality of sewing on your machine. Children are excited by new things and they tend to move very fast and having a Best sewing Machine for kids is going to be a good investment.

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